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Dog Friendly Cottages

We love to welcome your lovely dog in Bleaberry, Brocklebeck, and now, for 2020, The Sett cottages. Our own beloved border collie, Tig died recently, and we miss having her around. Your pet is very welcome!

We want to continue to welcome you and your pet. So, for the comfort of other guests here who may not have a dog, may not like dogs, or perhaps have children, please observe the following to make everyones experience enjoyable:

  1. Please ensure your dog is on the lead at all times in the gardens around Brackenrigg. There is a meadow and woodland area where he/she can be off lead, but accompanied.
  2. No dogs are allowed in the children’s play area – obviously!
  3. Please clean up after your dog and dispose of in the bins.
  4. Please be respectful of other guests including any that may be nervous of dogs, or just not want their space invaded by him or her.
  5. In the cottages: please do not allow your dog on any furniture, particularly beds. You should bring your own dog blankets etc, but if you have forgotten, I can provide you with one.
  6. You’ll want to take your dog on walks in this amazing area – if they get wet and muddy, please clean and dry them before they come into the cottages. There is a hose pipe outside the laundry room of the barn, and we can provide dogs towels if you’ve forgotten these.
  7. Please do not leave your dog alone in the cottage, unless you have brought a cage for it; most dogs would be upset at being left alone in an unfamiliar place, and may become destructive.
  8. Some male dogs occasionally ‘mark’ furniture, if this happens, please ensure you clean and sanitise immediately to ensure no stains.
  9. Please clean up the cottage after your stay, particularly any dog hair on carpets etc, or dog spatter on walls etc.
  10. Although we dont take a housekeeping deposit for the cottages in the barn, we reserve the right to deduct your card against damages caused by your pet. This will include cleaning at £35 per hour over our normal expected changeover, and replacement or repair of any furniture or furnishings.

Finally, we hope you find Brackenrigg to be the perfect place to bring your dog on holiday. Lots and lots of space. Lots of interesting places to explore around the grounds, wildlife galore…and away from the noise and bustle of Keswick, albeit we are close by!