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Ullswater way – 20 miles

What a beautiful day, yesterday, Bank Holiday Saturday! So a big trip out to do the Ullswater Way.

We started at Pooley Bridge, finding a park was easy at 9.30am, despite the bank holiday weekend. We found the carefully way-marked route easily, and headed off towards Aira Force (dry as bone through this dry spell)

The route passes through old beech woodland, stands off majestic oak trees, and has wonderful views of Ullswater and the surrounding fells along the way…the uninterrupted view across Ullswater to Howtown looked a bit daunting, knowing we had to walk the whole way round to get there!

But the walk is an easy undulating route, relatively straightforward, if long, around Ullswater (there are options to get the steamer at Gelnridding & Howtown).

There are lots of great places for tea stops, and very welcome – Aira Force National Trust cafe does a mean cheesecake scone complete with chutney & cheese, and Side Farm do welcome cakes to go with you cuppa…but there were lots of choices throughout Glenriding & Patterdale.

Fabulous walk, and although billed as a 2 day walk, if you are fit, and a regular walker, this is do-able in a big day out….and if you check the Steamer timetable, you do have ability to opt out if the weather turns or you’ve had enough – plan it well though if you’re making use of this though.

Wonderful trip out!