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Green Tourism Gold Award

We are proud to have been awarded the Green Tourism Gold Award.

Brackenrigg is a beautiful place in a stunning location and we recognise our responsibility to operate all aspects of our businesses in an environmentally responsible manner.

Brackenrigg Barn Cottages and Brackenrigg House have both achieved a Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme, and piloted the new Biodiversity Award sponsored by Natural England.

This is what’s been achieved so far

  • We recycle glass, paper, cardboard, metals, plastic and compost kitchen vegetable matter.
  • We constantly strive to reduce and eventually eliminate single use plastic. We refill all plastic containers (washing up liquid, cleaning products etc) rather than throw them away, we use biodegradable bin liners. There is more to do; we are researching a suitable commercial supplier of solid soaps & shampoos, economical bees wax food covers, plastic free tea bags etc…
  • We use environmentally-friendly cleaning & laundry products, and provide these for you to use.
  • We use of low energy light bulbs and other energy saving devices where appropriate. Both Brackenrigg Barn buys Green electricity.
  • Brackenrigg Barn Cottages & Brackenrigg House have loft insulation, and are double-glazed throughout.
  • We monitor heating use to ensure plentiful warmth & comfort without waste. We have replaced radiators in Brackenrigg House with a modern system with thermostatically controlled valves.
  • We have installed 2 wood burning stoves in Brackenrigg House and provide unlimited free logs.
  • We replace old appliances with new rated A or B.
  • We reuse as much as we can: e.g. old wardrobes for raised beds in the polytunnel, old CDs as bird scarers, old sheets for dust sheets, reuse stationary etc.
  • Brackenrigg House has funded planting of 500 willow trees to provide fuel and as a major carbon off-set. In March 2013 we have planted 3000 new native trees in the meadow, and have started a coppicing programme for the hazel coppice in the woodland.
  • For those who wish to minimise car use, you can bring your bikes (with a secure bike store on site) or hire bikes in Keswick. Bus routes & timetables are available and, of course, wonderful walks straight from the door.
  • There are bird nesting boxes and feeders for both the birds and red squirrels. In this sensitive area it is also important to monitor carefully for encroachment by grey squirrels.
  • We have developed a new bee and butterfly border, a wildflower meadow, and bug hotel in the woodland.
  • Our water comes from a stream high on the fell, we collect and treat ourselves without use of chemicals (filters and UV light). Water used for the garden is drawn off prior to treatment. New bathrooms have dual flush cisterns.
  • We provide books, maps and guides to help you enjoy the natural environment including walks, cycle routes and hire, bird and wildlife guides.

What can you do?

You may want to be a sustainable guest, so here are a few suggestions. We leave this up to your own conscience & beliefs.

  • Walk from the door or make use of the local bus services. You can even get here by public transport. Off-set the carbon generated by your travel – use a carbon calculator & make a donation to an organisation that’ll plant a tree for you (e.g. UNESCO billion tree campaign).
  • Give us all your compostable kitchen waste for the garden. Use our extensive recycling facilities.
  • Reduce your thermostats to save oil and AAL (Add Another Layer). Only boil as much water as you need in your kettle. Have a quick shower instead of a bath.
  • Use full loads in dishwashers and washing machines and use economy cycles.
  • Use airers rather than the driers. Turn off appliances and lights when not in use.
  • Patronise locally owned shops and attractions, buy locally produced foods and fair-trade goods